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Peter Griffin Kills Hitler

<After watching X-Men First Class, remembering Magnetto as one of the boys in the death camp>

World War II, until now, is still an interesting subject. Seth MacFarlane is having a good time making fun of Hitler . It’s so easy to take down Hitler in Family Guy, Peter can fart on his face for the Jews to get their revenge. Let Peter Griffin and Seth MacFarlane do the job. Let Hitler wear pink boots or make him talk the gay language. Let the Jews laugh at him. But then, the holocaust is another serious piece of history too strong to be forgotten. And so, we think of death camps and Dr. Mengele, gas chambers and crematoriums and we think of the holocaust.

Take a look at this young Nazi soldier, with an ideal Nazi look:

If he were alive today, with this masculine look, he could be a Holywood actor or he might be chosen as one of Lady Gaga’s naked Nazi soldiers in her music video. But like any other Nazi soldiers who killed thousands of people everyday in Auschwitz, he was also considered as the holocaust monster. Look at Hitler’s photos. How can you find a monster in his face? He was well respected and he was able to conquer nations during his time. He was well educated and I guess not really a misanthropist. But he ordered extermination of the Jews, sent thousands of them to gas chambers and let them became human guinea pigs.

Here is another image of Nazis, another proof that they are ordinary human beings like us- they could smile, attend parties and drink wine. These are the happy faces of Nazis who were enjoying their time at the death camp, probably having parties while bodies were burnt all day.

The idea of producing a pure Aryan dominated country is a sign of inferiority. Such ideology also led to human experimentations of Dr Mengele, as directed by Hitler, to produce a pure Aryan race. Nazis considered Jews to be a threat in the economy both as Communists and Capitalists. Judging Hitler’s physical appearance alone, as a 5 ft 8 inches (173 cm) man, I think he was physically inferior. Today, we are only left with memories of walking human skeletons, barbed wires and death camps. When you think of Hitler, you think of him as a charismatic Nazi leader. You do not think of him as a murderer or a criminal who kidnapped thousands of Jews.

collage ggggg

Thank you Peter Griffin for continuously annoying Hitler in his shows. And yes, Jews should watch some Family Guy episodes. I remember this one episode where Peter accidentally shots his brother, Hitler, while playing with his gun, and then shooting Eva Braun. In most episodes, Hitler would always appear gay, incompetent and very irrational. To you Seth, continue humiliating Hitler and the world will always enjoy viewing Family Guy instead of watching The Simpsons!

collage opppppppp

As long as Peter Griffin is alive, he will continue to enjoy killing Adolf Hitler. End of story.


Keeping the Pirates at Bay

Captain Hook and his pirates are no longer in a quest to kill Peter Pan. Today they are invading the music and movie industries and everyone is not so happy about it, especially the makers of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Of course, we are not talking about Jack Sparrow or “real” pirates who are after treasure chests and jewels. These pirates plunder the industries by just sitting in theaters, copying movies with their high technology camcorders while eating popcorn and then the next day, blockbusters are already available in the Web and in the streets. A few years, every producer, studio or artist might stop producing songs and making movies.

Blockbusters are vulnerable to the threats of piracy. Hollywood studios now plan their special strategies to avoid being plundered by the so called pirates or another better synonym- the Hollywood criminals. When they show advance screenings of high profile movies, they hire and form security personnel to guard and confiscate camcorders or any recording devices that will be spotted using night goggles. Studios learned a lesson when the Wolverine piracy issue came out – plundering high profile movies are every pirate’s greatest achievement.

The advancement of technology motivated the pirates to confidently duplicate and steal more copies. Piracy is not only a Hollywood problem, in fact every country around the world that is producing movies is in serious promotion against piracy. The studios keep warning the public through commercial ads that piracy is a criminal act.


The president of the Motion Picture Association of America reported that an estimated amount of $4 billion to $4.5 billion are stolen from Hollywood’s treasure chests because of piracy. Copies of high profile movies and latest songs are easy to download, so why bother buying original DVDs and CDs when everything is almost downloadable? Well, you should be bothered. Imagine a world without movies where you can’t get the chance to watch the future movies and faces of George Clooney or Brad Pitt in their late 60s or 70s. A form of exaggeration perhaps, but as a user or consumer, it might convince you not to support piracy, in other words, never download pirated items.

May the pirates hear every studio’s message: pirates, keep your hooks off our movies!