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Robots and Machines


When “The Bicentennial Man” was filmed, it would be safe to assume that the writer of the book, from which the movie story was adapted, was already aware of the issues between human and created intelligence.

Most people think when they hear the word “machine” or “robots” to be exact is their fear that humans might be overtaken by machines. Well in fact, we are already dominated by machines in most industries and factories.

In the movie, there is a sense of discrimination among the robots. But of course, they are still considered machines working for humans. Robots are made to work, not to love and be a part of humanity. The movie is just too obsessed with the idea of creating a movie that would recognize the importance of machines and love them at the same time. Japan is the leading country that is good with robotics.

Call it robots, call it whatever you want to call it, the fact is, machines changed the world.