Norway and Black Metal

(At the point of being “metal”)

When you’re a young Norwegian, you’re supposed to be into metal, specifically black metal. After watching the True Norwegian Black Metal documentaries, you will soon realize that Norwegians don’t just like metal’s heavy riffs and growls, they are into the messages of black metal.

Gorgoroth is considered to be one of the bands that are serious in delivering the message of black metal. According to the documentaries, Gaahl, the vocalist of Gorgoroth, is actually considered as the most evil man in his hometown. It was reported that he tortured someone for nine hours while draining his blood and threatening him to drink his own blood. Obviously, he was imprisoned for nine months for the act.

The personality of Gaahl is actually very interesting. He is an artist and he lives in a very isolated area, which make him more interesting. Look at his paintings and you will understand why. And what’s the most interesting thing about him? He always has a scary atmosphere, a very strong aura.

During the rise of black metal in Norway, churches were burned and Christianity was considered a form of corruption. In fact, during those times, every time the words “black metal” were mentioned, there were three things inside every Norwegian’s mind: criminal cases, satanic and sole enemies of the church. Until now, black metal is still associated with rebellion and satanic lyrics. And this is the purpose of Gorgorth- to present the message and not just the music.

(Teya, at the point of being aggressive, while craving for cheeseburgers)

So what’s with the Norwegian black metal? Well, it can be a threat to Christianity or it can be a genre that experiments on creating music with heavy riffs and cool message. Every curious creature enjoys anti religion and religious messages, we all feel enchanted by the idea of talking about the most sensitive topic in the world- RELIGION. Good guys are sometimes boring. Talking about sex is even more boring. Serious discussions about religion according to what other people expect you to say about religion are the greatest elements of boredom. Music is very independent, it can earn love and respect from musically inclined individuals with or without interpreting the message. When I was in college, my professor told me that form and meaning are inseparable. But it was in my literature class and I cannot argue that music should be a part of the literature world, though I always believe that music is literature (except Britney’s or Justin Beiber’s and any other lame pop artists). Music can be appreciated without its message, heavy riffs and deep growls make up a good music. So it is safe to say that those people who listen to black metal are not really against Christianity, they just love the music. So why care telling everyone that your friend is a Satanic fat kid just because he loves black metal and he watches music videos of inverted crucifixes? Anyone can be a Satanist, your neighbor or the old lady who lives next door might be a Satanist even if she doesn’t like black metal, so what’s the big deal?

Norwegian is a nationality and black metal is a genre for me. Don’t accuse me of destroying religion just because I find Gaahl interesting, the guy is cute and it’s always funny seeing him in his normal state (by saying normal, I mean seeing him without his make up on and all that black costume)- a sharp looking face with his cute goatee, almost looking like a Christian priest, preaching in a very calm voice that every trace of Christianity should be erased. INTERESTING TO WATCH HIM SAY SUCH WORDS WITH HIS HOLY LOOKING FACE.


Customized Skin


Your skin is a canvass. With your skin, you can write stories, paint images and create immortality. With your skin, you are able to understand RESURRECTION.

Yes, tattoo is an act of resurrection, of restoring lost images and finding dead texts buried inside your nostrils, hidden inside your shirt, or covered by your hair. Your tattoo is your beautiful scar, where the eyes can hunt for meanings and read paragraphs, sentences, lines, words, letters and more meanings.


In some parts of the world where tattoos are part of the culture, the idea of getting a tattoo is a part of acceptance to the beliefs and ideas of the tribe. In the Philippines, the only surviving tattoo artist in a certain tribe claimed that the culture of tattoo art in their tribal community is no longer recognized by the new generation. In fact, her grandchildren refused to learn tattoo art. She is in her 90s, with her body full of tattoos which she did on her own by using a sharp stick. In her early years, she was able to perform body tattoo without the use of a tattoo machine. Sadly, with no one interested to learn tattoo, their tribe’s tattoo art will no longer be passed from generation to generation and it will be lost forever.

Location: Philippines

I have  high respect towards the American and European artists and I believe that paying my high respect is enough to let them know that there is no need to post their works here on my page. This time, I will pay respect to my fellow Filipinos who are able to show that   Filipinos are not just good in screaming in the streets all for the purpose of exercising freedom.

Choco Borromeo, a sick friend who enjoys torturing demons in his sleep (inked by another sick friend with a sick twin, Klief Dofredo)

Ocho Toleran, a musician who is in love with tattoo machines (as what I’ve noticed)

Mak Patindol, another sick friend, an aspiring tattoo artist.

Ian Tayao of Queso and Wilabaliw, a human who is obsessed with the idea of “universe”

Why Wish Your Mom Was a Porn star

Once upon a time, your mom was a porn star. Years later, every kid in your street is wishing they had a mom like yours.

If my mom was a porn star, I would have been the proudest daughter a mom could ever had. Getting naked in front of many strangers and letting them read the stories of your every scar is, I believe an act of courage for every man, for every woman.

If your mom was a porn star she would have allowed you to watch porn- get your monthly supply of porn magazines and enjoy your porn videos with parental guidance. While other families are arguing over Avatar’s reputation in the world of cinemas, you and your family are having a good time sitting on the couch, watching the latest porn videos that a certain porn site gladly provided you and then when you go to school you tell your classmates PORN IS BORING.

Yes, porn is becoming boring these days. But you just can’t help watching it. Well porn movies are not intended to give you 100% entertainment anyway, though almost 100% of kids today claim they are entertained.

If your mom was a porn star, more porn sites would be very thankful because they earned billions, no wonder the porn industry is considered as the biggest and the richest industry in the internet marketing world. And mom would give her money to the charity, hoping she could help feed and send some kids to school.

If my mom was a porn star, I say my mom is definitely cooler than your boring mom.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

Floating is fun. Every time I see dead black ants floating on my cup of coffee, I remember the Dead Sea.

To explain why you can float in the Dead Sea in scientific terms is a complete boredom. Yes, sometimes it’s lame to explain things scientifically. Though I am not obliged to explain, I can’t help but keep on explaining things. But after reading my past articles, I realized I’m lame when it comes to explaining things.

Remember those floating dead ants on your soda? They float because they’re dead! Thus, it is safe to assume that you’re floating because you’re dead. Today, I introduce you to EXAGGERATION. Sorry. You can start killing me.


Seriously, blame the high concentration of salt why you float on the Dead Sea. The Salt Sea, that’s the other term. The idea of floating on the sea, with your body elevated, is I think very gothic, dramatic and yes, so theatrical.

So why enjoy floating on the Salt Sea? There are lots of possible reasons why you should stop thinking of floating in space, fly to Israel and go float on a salty water instead. If you can’t do backstrokes, go for floating. If you love watching dead ants floating on your cup of coffee, you too need to float on the water. If you’re bored having your feet on the ground, then try floating. Travel get a nice hotel and define tourism in the holy land.

The Dead Sea is one of the famous spots in Israel. Another important thing about the Dead Sea: it’s a constant reminder that Israel should be known for its tourist spots and not for its conflicts and wars. And until now, I keep reminding myself about it. Long live Israel.

Artistic Hangover

(Drinking great soda while at the point of being “artistic”)

Imagine arguing with Plato about art not being an imitation. Imagine making love with lines, colors, forms and finally, meanings. Imagine defining sex in horizontal lines. Imagine exploring deaths, half-deaths and love. Finally, imagine abstract art.

Before abstract art, there was classical art the use of nature as its model. Pablo Picasso, who was considered a famous figure in the world of arts, specifically abstract painting, showed resistance against classical art, defied nature and pursued his imagination. Every artist craving for artistic and philosophical development resulted to experimentation and then, the birth of abstract art.

From classical art to the evolution of abstract art, and from cubism to pure abstraction, artists started to find their own identities and artistic growth. Today, the debate between classical art and abstract art is still discussed in the four corners of the classroom, in art societies and in the judgment of pop culture. There is still an existing competition of between images of nature and images of the painters imagination and while abstract artists are highly recognized in the middle class and in the world of academics, the lower class are still in the process of accepting abstract art as creative and philosophical distortions and not merely as meaningless distortions.

And so, amidst all the controversies regarding acceptance and recognition of the masses towards abstract paintings, artists continue to survive and wander in the spaces of their canvasses.

Imagination is definitely a matter of survival and so is painting. Abstract painting is merely dependent on the artist’s imagination, of the worlds he inhabited, created and destroyed, of the images he killed and resurrected. He lives in every side of the canvass and in every stroke of the brush. HE IS IMMORTAL.

(While lying on the couch, thinking about visiting an art gallery or museum or whatever you call it)

Whether you’re an artist, a trying hard artist, an art enthusiast or another being who wants to hang a few good artworks in your office, you have to agree that abstract paintings shouldn’t only be found in art museums and galleries. In fact, your house can be transformed into an art gallery. The only difference between the public art galleries you usually visit and your very own personal art gallery is that you can eat, drink and watch TV inside. What a relief.

If you are planning to get new paintings for your house, involve yourself into another type of art and get some good abstract paintings. Maybe it’s time for you to forget about your landscapes, white lilies, cuddly dogs, and waterfalls hanging on your walls. Ever wonder why abstract paintings play with colors and forms? Perhaps this is because of the fact that abstract artists tend to instill philosophical and metaphorical senses within the artworks.

If you’re still in doubt about hanging abstract paintings in your house, then maybe you need stronger motivation and a little sip of soda. By saying strong motivations, I mean giving you time to look at different abstract paintings. Investing in abstract paintings is a good deal since it brings out the artistic and the passionate side of you. Therefore I conclude that art paintings, specifically abstract paintings, could be a good investment.

Why buy and hang abstract paintings? Well, why not? Our respect and devotion towards art is a living testimony of every human’s artistic inclination and senses. And well, hanging paintings is another human act of appreciation.

Music Review: Rendezvous and Electro pop

Rendezvous is not just another electro pop genre influenced band. There are actually two best words that describe the band’s music: not stereotypical and experimental.

When you listen to other pop songs, you just can’t help but remember other stereotypical pop bands. It’s a basic human instinct, you tend to compare and relate. This instinct is the same when we listen to music-we criticize. That is how I listen to Rendezvous– I offer a critique.

The Rendezvous band is able to produce singles that are definitely beyond what is defined as “not stereotypical”. The different yet calming groove of each song makes it easier for you to love the genre and each of the band member’s talent. Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg are just confident with their musical talent that they are motivated enough to try experimenting with the band’s genre.

If you want to listen to a different electronica band, then Rendezvous is another band definitely not worth ignoring for. Listen to their music and learn to understand why you should listen to their upcoming album.



From Metal to ElectroPop

When a woman is bored, she either go shop or listen to music. I say listen to music, then go shopping.

There are three things that come to my mind each time I hear the word metal- heavy (the normal LSD inspired term way back when LSD was the thing), lullaby (because I tend to sleep when I hear loud screams and heavy riffs when I’m on my bed) and love (because it’s marked as counterculture and I believe that one of the primary aims of metal is to seek their own reality, to create reality by starting to create what is unreal).


Metal, in its sweetest form, is love. It’s an obsession to destroy and recreate reality. It’s an obsession that motivates another obsession. And while metal is a misunderstood genre- mostly by the conservative society who believes that metal is influenced by a satanic force, that those who love the genre is automatically considered satanic, metal as agenre continues to survive.

Here’s another subgenre that makes me think of clouds- shoegaze. While shoegaze band members tend to look down on their shoes while performing in their detached state of mind, thus shoegazing, I am thinking of clouds. I’m enjoying the fact that each morning, I’m shoegazing with Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine and other shoegaze bands.


And while metal and shoegaze alter my subconscious mind, I am currently in a quest to understand electro pop. Electro pop is another genre which ignites a little curiosity in me. It’s a pop culture genre yet slowly I connect myself to pop culture, to understand pop culture in its beautiful form. And here’s the time when I listen to Rendezvous.

Let me tell you about the Rendezvous Band. Rendezvous is basically an electro pop influenced band which struggles to introduce a new impression on the world of music. Listen to Rendezvous and you’ll surely feel a different kind of music, soothing and definitely calming. The band features Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg as the two members who are able to mix their craft together. There are actually tow best words to describe their music- experimental and instrumental. The word Rendezvous is defined as a meeting planned at a certain time and place. Perhaps each member has its own desire to create perfect music, experimenting on different forms and then end up with a beautiful piece. Listen to Rendezvous and feel the music. Another reason to listen to Rendezvous especially if you’re a fan of Depeche Mode, is that they collaborated with the producer Dave Bascombe who was also the mixer and producer of the popular band.

While electro pop is definitely a different thing compared to metal, every genre struggles to CREATE, RECREATE and CREATE again.