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Peter Griffin Kills Hitler

<After watching X-Men First Class, remembering Magnetto as one of the boys in the death camp>

World War II, until now, is still an interesting subject. Seth MacFarlane is having a good time making fun of Hitler . It’s so easy to take down Hitler in Family Guy, Peter can fart on his face for the Jews to get their revenge. Let Peter Griffin and Seth MacFarlane do the job. Let Hitler wear pink boots or make him talk the gay language. Let the Jews laugh at him. But then, the holocaust is another serious piece of history too strong to be forgotten. And so, we think of death camps and Dr. Mengele, gas chambers and crematoriums and we think of the holocaust.

Take a look at this young Nazi soldier, with an ideal Nazi look:

If he were alive today, with this masculine look, he could be a Holywood actor or he might be chosen as one of Lady Gaga’s naked Nazi soldiers in her music video. But like any other Nazi soldiers who killed thousands of people everyday in Auschwitz, he was also considered as the holocaust monster. Look at Hitler’s photos. How can you find a monster in his face? He was well respected and he was able to conquer nations during his time. He was well educated and I guess not really a misanthropist. But he ordered extermination of the Jews, sent thousands of them to gas chambers and let them became human guinea pigs.

Here is another image of Nazis, another proof that they are ordinary human beings like us- they could smile, attend parties and drink wine. These are the happy faces of Nazis who were enjoying their time at the death camp, probably having parties while bodies were burnt all day.

The idea of producing a pure Aryan dominated country is a sign of inferiority. Such ideology also led to human experimentations of Dr Mengele, as directed by Hitler, to produce a pure Aryan race. Nazis considered Jews to be a threat in the economy both as Communists and Capitalists. Judging Hitler’s physical appearance alone, as a 5 ft 8 inches (173 cm) man, I think he was physically inferior. Today, we are only left with memories of walking human skeletons, barbed wires and death camps. When you think of Hitler, you think of him as a charismatic Nazi leader. You do not think of him as a murderer or a criminal who kidnapped thousands of Jews.

collage ggggg

Thank you Peter Griffin for continuously annoying Hitler in his shows. And yes, Jews should watch some Family Guy episodes. I remember this one episode where Peter accidentally shots his brother, Hitler, while playing with his gun, and then shooting Eva Braun. In most episodes, Hitler would always appear gay, incompetent and very irrational. To you Seth, continue humiliating Hitler and the world will always enjoy viewing Family Guy instead of watching The Simpsons!

collage opppppppp

As long as Peter Griffin is alive, he will continue to enjoy killing Adolf Hitler. End of story.


religious discrimination you’re ugly

religious science fiction by ~jaykers113

Racial discrimination is no longer discussed today. I must say Martin Luther King did well- no more lynching no more white robes no more hatred among races.

Racism might be just another violent human reaction that is no longer considered visible- no Ku Klux Klan and black Americans struggle to become presidents, thus people think it’s safe to assume that racial discrimination is another thing of the past. But what we do not know is that there is another form of discrimination far more dangerous and sensitive- and that is religious discrimination.

Religion is a sensitive topic and people are too sensitive not to think about it. We only think, but we do no speak about it. We refuse to speak about religious beliefs because we are not comfortable sharing our religion among people with different religious influence. And so, I want to acknowledge the character of Khan in the movie My Name is Khan, a man with strong Muslim faith who made the world realize that terrorism isn’t always defined by religion. Terrorists are not Christians. Terrorists are not Buddhists. Terrorists are not Muslims. Terrorists are human beings. Human beings have the ability to choose and understand the consequences of our actions. Before we were introduced to religion we were introduced to choices and consequences. Crusades and wars in the past were influenced by the thought of achieving power, money and resources. And it’s just so sick to realize that religions are being considered by some as the reason of all the negativity in the world such as racism, hatred and wars. What we fail to realize is that religion is man made, only guided by the power of the divine.  And we go back to the original sinners, the gods living here in the city of man- humans.

Religious discrimination is ugly. Forget that love of freedom to hate and discriminate. Let’s go grab some yogurt and change the world.

Hell For Rent

Scientists are complaining that the world is now over populated. Sooner there will be no more wars about oil (US attacked IRAQ for oil), terrorism and diverse political views only wars about conquering the planet.

Declaring wars for ownership of land is not a new thing. The Jews and the Palestinians have been fighting over the holy land of Israel. But declaring wars to rule the world? That’s totally insane. Think of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest.

5599 Underground Torture Chamber_JPG

And while the scientists are still complaining about the population (and still not in the mood to talk about global warming, producing documentaries about the problem) and the religious groups are fighting over birth control pills (and keep informing the public that having sex before marriage is a sin and condoms are for the devils (sorry condom users and manufacturers, Vatican believes you’re all Satanic perverts), the black metal bands, the trying hard to be atheists, the brokenhearted souls, the boys who hate the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo jojo and the people whose favorite movie is the never ending versions of the Chainsaw Massacre are all united to promote one solution to end overpopulation- convince Satan to go to North Pole for a cool vacation with Santa Claus and rent hell for temporary residency. Get to know their campaign and read the following:

  1. If you want to rent apartments in the city of man (courtesy of St. Augustine), then you are only promoting overpopulation. Therefore it’s against the campaign.
  2. Sex is okay. Don’t worry if you’re still a virgin, you won’t die if you want to have sex for the first time. If you want to use condoms, make sure that your annoying brother or sister did not make holes in the condom’s pack out of pins or needles.
  3. Hell apartment has great furniture (courtesy of Hitler’s taste) and there’s no need to worry about the fire. Technically, you are insured. What a hell of an apartment.
  4. The last and the most important: Pay your rent on time. Of course Satan loves it when you’re bad and all, but when it comes to hell rules, he loves it more if you’re good. If you wont pay on time, he might get mad and send you to heaven (well, that is if you’re not a hardcore sinner).


Soon, there will be no more prisons to maintain, no depressed wardens who are against death penalty and no prison breaks. Based on the statements and the group’s strong will to end hunger and oil and energy crisis, I say every member’s request for hell residency should be approved by the Vatican.

Art and Religion

The artwork portrays Jesus Christ in his desperate state to take his bite of the baby. This is a contemporary art which reminds me how the “enlightened people” see religion as a poison that will slowly corrupt and kill the freedom of the human minds. The baby represents religion’s corruption from the day that we were born, making us prisoners of our own ignorance.

Though the evil side of religion is the main keyword in this fine art, your dedication to religion should not be considered as a hindrance to appreciate this piece of art. With the artistic details of the figure of Christ and the artist’s skill in color pencils, this is definitely a reflection of a mind explored artwork for believers and non believers.

Religion vs Science

Science_vs__Religion_by_LaRockeraGalileo Galilei was a fearless and fearful rebel. He was a scientist alright, and scientists need to rebel and change the established tradition and authorities in order to explore knowledge. And so, intellectual humans came up with the term- science questions to argue against the religion beliefs.

Galileo’s discovery did not only fuel other scientists to attack reliance on authority but he also freed other minds to explore without being trapped by religion. That was the essence of Scientific Revolution.

The movie did not only talk about Galileo but also the fate of other scientists who were not allowed to explore and experiment. It is a movie that is not merely portraying the status of science during the 16th– 17th century AD but the never ending power struggle between science and religion. When cloning was discovered, the church was the first and only one who showed resistance against such great discovery.

The book was entitled “Dialogue” perhaps because during such times, Galileo, like the method of Socrates, argued and discussed with other enlightened men so as to achieve knowledge.

To sum up, two absurd things keep running in my head today: scientists continue to become evil creatures, and as what Adam and Eve learned: knowledge is evil. And if such things insist to exist, the revolution continues.

A Book Review: God Delusion

“When one suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called Religion”

In the first part of the book, Richard Dawkins defended his usage of the word “delusion” so as to emphasize his point, that the idea of God and religion are both products of delusion, or as the dictionary defines it, “a false belief.”

“God Delusion” becomes an encouragement towards atheism. In fact, Dawkins believe that atheists can be happy, balanced, moral and intellectually fulfilled.He asks his readers to imagine a world without religion, using John Lennon’s “Imagine”, no suicide bombers, no 9/11 attacks, no crusades and no witch hunts. He expresses his hope that his book might convert some believers into atheists.


We hear the word atheist in our catechism class, pointing them as Satan’s disciples or the evil creatures of the world. In the book, atheists are described as those learned people who believe in nothing beyond the natural, supernatural world. In other words, they believe that there is no supernatural creative intelligence lurking behind the observable universe.

Einsteinian Religion

– refers to Einstein’s use of God as a metaphor for nature or the mysteries of the universe. Therefore, it is against the general idea of God as the creator of the universe who should be worshipped.

The idea of God is a valid hypothesis

– like any other hypothesis, it can be tested and falsified.

To further expound such idea, he presented his killer theory- the idea of natural selection and evolution.


is the safe plane for agnostics, Dawkins described them as those who won’t commit yet for lack of evidence and those who believe it is impossible to know.

He attacked the agnostics because of his belief that if you are talking about God, it is not ethical enough for them to just stay on the safe side. There is a need to take side.

Arguments against God’s Existence

Argument from Personal Experience

Argument from Beauty

Argument from Scripture

Argument from admired Religious Scientists

Pascal’s Wager

The most important argument that I see in the book, is Dawkins’ obsession with the idea of natural selection. He was convinced that such idea can completely explain the existence of the universe, without bothering to remember the idea of intelligent design and the supernatural making behind it as stated in the Bible. He incorporated it with the cosmic version and the multiverse theory.

Indoctrination of Children

– Dawkins stated that parents who bring their children in the church is a form of mental abuse. Just as feminists rebel when they hear the word “mankind” he encouraged the readers to be sensitive enough. No one must refer a child as a Muslim child or a Christian child, instead one must call him or her as a child of a Muslim or a Christian. It is even an abuse to call him or her as an atheist child. Children do not have any idea of morality and religion.

To sum up, religion is dangerous. It is an evil work of man.Our roots of morality can be explained by Darwinism, and religion has nothing to do with it. Richard Dawkins emphasized the bad influence of religion to societies. It is the motivation of terrorism. It is the source of discrimination against homosexuality. It the primary cause of jihads and other holy wars. Religion is a form of terrorism.

Point of View

I understand Dawkins. In fact, I am enlightened by the way he presented his arguments, mostly about the negative influence of religion. The society and our man made religion give their own standards of morality. But then, I have my own god and other people have their own gods too. I do not discriminate atheism, in fact, I find them amazing because of the fact that they are able to come out and get out from the evil embrace of religion.