Customized Skin


Your skin is a canvass. With your skin, you can write stories, paint images and create immortality. With your skin, you are able to understand RESURRECTION.

Yes, tattoo is an act of resurrection, of restoring lost images and finding dead texts buried inside your nostrils, hidden inside your shirt, or covered by your hair. Your tattoo is your beautiful scar, where the eyes can hunt for meanings and read paragraphs, sentences, lines, words, letters and more meanings.


In some parts of the world where tattoos are part of the culture, the idea of getting a tattoo is a part of acceptance to the beliefs and ideas of the tribe. In the Philippines, the only surviving tattoo artist in a certain tribe claimed that the culture of tattoo art in their tribal community is no longer recognized by the new generation. In fact, her grandchildren refused to learn tattoo art. She is in her 90s, with her body full of tattoos which she did on her own by using a sharp stick. In her early years, she was able to perform body tattoo without the use of a tattoo machine. Sadly, with no one interested to learn tattoo, their tribe’s tattoo art will no longer be passed from generation to generation and it will be lost forever.

Location: Philippines

I have  high respect towards the American and European artists and I believe that paying my high respect is enough to let them know that there is no need to post their works here on my page. This time, I will pay respect to my fellow Filipinos who are able to show that   Filipinos are not just good in screaming in the streets all for the purpose of exercising freedom.

Choco Borromeo, a sick friend who enjoys torturing demons in his sleep (inked by another sick friend with a sick twin, Klief Dofredo)

Ocho Toleran, a musician who is in love with tattoo machines (as what I’ve noticed)

Mak Patindol, another sick friend, an aspiring tattoo artist.

Ian Tayao of Queso and Wilabaliw, a human who is obsessed with the idea of “universe”



  1. chukuboy

    this article is great.. it represents culture, religion, nationality and personality.. so guys what are you waiting for? go grab your own tattoo and make it as a resemblance of your voyage to this earth as a living being.. its like pimping your car with nice coats of paint.. our body is like a car. a vessel of our spirit and soul..


    gusto ko sana mag leave ng comment,kaso nagdadownload pa ko ng porns,at nanonood ng game7 ng MILWAUKEE BUCKS versus ATLANTA HAWKS…tsk!


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    potah…kelan pa?next year pa bago mapost yung comment ko!naknangtokwa,infernez danda ng topic mo!pero dapat andun din ako sa segment mo,may tattoo din naman ako ahh!sick frend mo din :p

  4. Rayhoundz

    When i was a teen way back 1999. I would always look up to the three giant rap metal acts!
    Not just because of their infectious music, but also sa ilang PATIK! hihi…
    Pero the best PATIK that i’ve ever admired kay kang Ian Tayao. Unique and very untidy!
    Kung e-compare sa Mainstream music, dili jud ma butang sa videoke! Just like the music of his band. Lawm jud kaayo tawhana. Thumbs up for this Teya! Filipinos are way a lot better in many ways. MUSIC-ART-TATTOO-SKILLS and even SEX! haha!


  5. Thea Sorroche

    @chuku- you’re sick. thank you for the picture

    @mhadz- andami kong gustong ilagay dito haha..sige, i’ll post you in the next entry. anung topic ba? hehe

    @rayhoundz- i love the last line. i agree with you. keep it up. lol

  6. chukuboy

    wala yang kay ian tayao.. mas swabe ung tattoo ng pinakaunang picture.. black and gray lang.. hahahaha..

  7. chukuboy

    pero parehas lang pilipino.. mag tattooan nlang tau.. mabuhay janelle thea sorroche. isang great mind na kayang magsulat ng 1000 words per minute… hahaha..

  8. quing

    payat! kahilakon k sa imo point of iew about tatoe…. malipay akoa uyab.. kay naconvinced ko na magpatatoe xa!

  9. cannabizmachine

    yeah right.. instead of always paying attention to foreign artist, let us turn the spotlight and give respect to our talented fellow filipino artist. specially to those whom we know. like the sick friend of yours ms thea. hahaha Always support local artists! patatu pa ta! =)

  10. Robot President

    There are some reason I am starting to be interested to where you are also interested.
    There is something in your posts that somewhere, somehow shakes me.
    We are totally opposite. But I just do not know why.

    Btw, you have any sort of post about purpose in life?


  11. Thea Sorroche

    @robot president

    thank you for the interest.

    opposite? in what way? i think we are the same.

    purpose in life? this is my purpose in life- to write and to continue writing:-)

  12. Phine

    EPIC! I wanna get INKED! Love the tats of Sir IAN and Ocho as well.
    “The UNIVERSE is watching YOU!” Sedate me with your love… \m/

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