The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

Floating is fun. Every time I see dead black ants floating on my cup of coffee, I remember the Dead Sea.

To explain why you can float in the Dead Sea in scientific terms is a complete boredom. Yes, sometimes it’s lame to explain things scientifically. Though I am not obliged to explain, I can’t help but keep on explaining things. But after reading my past articles, I realized I’m lame when it comes to explaining things.

Remember those floating dead ants on your soda? They float because they’re dead! Thus, it is safe to assume that you’re floating because you’re dead. Today, I introduce you to EXAGGERATION. Sorry. You can start killing me.


Seriously, blame the high concentration of salt why you float on the Dead Sea. The Salt Sea, that’s the other term. The idea of floating on the sea, with your body elevated, is I think very gothic, dramatic and yes, so theatrical.

So why enjoy floating on the Salt Sea? There are lots of possible reasons why you should stop thinking of floating in space, fly to Israel and go float on a salty water instead. If you can’t do backstrokes, go for floating. If you love watching dead ants floating on your cup of coffee, you too need to float on the water. If you’re bored having your feet on the ground, then try floating. Travel get a nice hotel and define tourism in the holy land.

The Dead Sea is one of the famous spots in Israel. Another important thing about the Dead Sea: it’s a constant reminder that Israel should be known for its tourist spots and not for its conflicts and wars. And until now, I keep reminding myself about it. Long live Israel.



  1. dom

    I’ve heard a lot about Israel, even know a few people from there. I sooooo want to go there and just see what it’s like. Seems like an incredibly exotic country… plus the cultural experience must be mind-blowing.

    I really hope I’ll get to go there sometime.

    Oh and good to see new blog posts. 🙂

  2. Thea Sorroche

    Yes. I’ve always been so curious about Israel and the dead sea.

    And yes, I’ll be posting new blog posts next week. Please pray for my soul. Thank you 🙂

  3. Alice

    Great Post!
    I loved your last paragraph and the “Israel should be known for its tourist spots and not for its conflicts and wars.” sentence really moved me.
    When working in my field (Israel’s incoming tourism), you can see on tourists faces how surprised they are when they get here, and they usually say that they had a total misconception about Israel.
    If you ever do come to visit, contact us and we’d love to help you out.
    Thanks for this lovely post,

  4. Don G

    Israel is a nice place since all major religious buildings are located there!! hope the trouble ends soon!!

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