When to Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana_by_macotacoAs Obama faced more media controversies for saying that Kanye West is a jackass for ditching Taylor Swift (the reporters are now interested to other serious Obama information like reporting what’s his first word in the morning, what’s the color of his poop and how often does he blink every five minutes) and more leaders were killed in Iraq, the eager-to-be cool kids at home are downloading porn movies and forming online communities to scream one point- legalize marijuana.

Well, what’s the point of making it legal anyway? If smoking weed will no longer be considered a criminal act under the law, can it actually change the world? Marijuana can’t change Paris Hilton’s annoying voice. Legalizing marijuana can’t make the US government sign the Kyoto Protocol to reduce gas emission. Legalizing marijuana can’t help feed hungry Africans. Legalizing marijuana can’t change every feminist’s response to pop culture. Legalizing marijuana can’t prevent global warming, terrorism, mass killings and overpopulation. Legalizing marijuana can’t help lessen energy consumption and end political conflicts related to oil. Legalizing marijuana can’t make Jay Leno shut up. Legalizing can’t make every human being less stupid for legalizing marijuana. Clear your own backyard from weeds and don’t think of the marijuana tax.

Marijuana is not just an ordinary plant you can grow in your garden together with your roses. Whether it’s an herb from Satan or just another ganja for “spiritual” purposes, marijuana is still a prohibited drug, along with other drugs that suggest drug treatment.

So when should we legalize marijuana? I say never.


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