Confessions of a Drug Addicted Society

Power is power whether it comes from money, fame or drugs.

Prohibited drugs have become part of our growing competitive market. In some places, buying marijuana is just like buying hamburgers, you can buy it everywhere like it’s just another mainstream product that people buy everyday. After a few more years, don’t wonder if you can freely include marijuana in your shopping list and buy it in convenience stores. Now, even parties can’t be considered “cool” parties without LSD and ecstasy. Cocaine and heroine are produced in almost every part of the world and even become synonymous with “economy”. In fact, there are claims that a hundred million dollars a year can be added to a nation’s economy with just the paraphernalia alone. Celebrities can be seen on TV with platinum razor blades on gold chains hanging around their necks and shows are getting good rating for reporting Hollywood stars going in and out of rehabilitation centers and institutions.


With some books being published threatening war about the world’s competition for oil and energy consumption, drugs are already causing wars since the past generations. In fact, there is an estimated thirty percent of the world’s population using dangerous drugs regularly.

Now, this is what I call “consumerism”.

There is a great difference between prescribed drugs and prohibited drugs. But the problem is that the society would refuse to differentiate the two. We no longer understand the word “prescription” and go for something more exciting related to breaking the law like drug abuse. Soon, the whole civilization will depend on drugs. Or perhaps we can change this stupid concept.

Today, drugs define our pop culture: music, movies and books. Even your kid has a 50/50 chance of wanting to be in a mafia family when he grows up, selling drugs and then get rich just like Denzel Washington in American Gangsters. And then we all fall down to one word- DRUGS.


With a number of death cases related to drug abuse, you should never fail to recognize that the government and some private institutions are fighting against drug abuse. So much of our stupid idea that prohibited drugs are our addictive government. Drug abuse should not be adopted and accepted in our culture. Today, drug treatment rehabilitation centers and institutions are being established in order to achieve their universal goal to their patients: to “rehabilitate”. They turn them into drug free citizens to promote a drug free society. Satisfy your curiosity and know more about drug treatment

Drug abuse is the same as child abuse, you inflict violence.

PS. To hell with “drug consumerism”.



  1. gaolu

    nag shabu ako 1999-2001
    at nag mamarijuana ako 2003-2006
    pero parang hindi naman ako naging masaya sa piling ng droga
    at ngayon naghahanap ako ng kakaibang droga ung pang natural high tapos tipid walang kahit anung usok kemikal or kahit anung pwedeng iaply sa loob ng katawan basta high lang
    kung meron nun un nlng

  2. Teya Sorroche- Guillermo

    Z Candao- Yeah, marijuana is i think the cheapest among them..Yet, it’s still illegal and I think marijuana won’t be legalized ever, not in a million years :))

    gaolu- Yeah, i agree with you. it’s the society and law you should negotiate with. Too bad. Haha..

  3. tappingfoot

    all drugs are cool, as long as they’re not abused.

    Intoxication is the fourth human drive after food, drink, and sex.

    the two commandments of the molecular age: 1. thou shalt have the right to alter thy consciousness, and 2. thou shalt not prevent thy fellow beings from altering their own consciousness.

    turn on. open those doors of perception. you haven’t lived until you’ve slipped out of the crack in the cosmic egg and truly saw.

  4. den

    marijuana’s are already legal in other countries.. right?? ex the europian countries??

    why not go live there?? hehe

  5. government employee

    Hi teya! interesting post you have here. thank you for maintaining that stance. i still believe that if we could reduce (if not totally eradicate) the perceived need for illicit substances then we’d all be looking at a totally different world now. oh well, it’s not as simple as that, but where’s the harm in voicing out ideas (such as yours) that go for making the earth a sober world to live in? =)

    P.S. to hell with drug consumerism and i’m not saying this because i work for the government. 😀

  6. Teya Sorroche- Guillermo

    Tapping foot- I agree with you on this- all drugs are cool, as long as they’re not abused. And yes, we are all a bunch of addicts, in a way..

    Den- In some countries, yes. Maybe because they always think of marijuana as a simple weed that anyone can plant together in your garden with your flowers and plants. That’s cool and uncool.

    Government employee- Hi there. Yes, a totally agree with you. Each time I write about drugs or anything related to some issues in our society, i always avoid having the tendency to preach. Yes, to hell with drug consumerism! 🙂

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