Sex and Colors


sex is emotion. sex is lines, curves and colors. and so, sex is transferred on a black page.

postscript: paint sex. you can submit it here:-)



  1. jhaypongs

    teya teye teya!!!

    kaw tlga bsta tungkol sa gnyang bagay ang galing mu!!

    taena yan ba ang obra mu teya…nyahahaha

    anlupet mu!!

    saludo na aqu sau!!!


  2. Gerald

    Wow. this site is nice… this is what ive been looking for all this years…
    Thanks… i want to exchange links bro/sis
    I write poetry and i tackle religion .. ^_^

    hoping for our future correspondence ^_^

  3. propagandist101

    i already added you to my blogroll:-)

    your blog is interesting, keep writing more poems:-) i’ll post some of my poems here.

  4. propagandist101

    wow tHAnks. Keep updated with my posts and i will be glad to share with you more interesting posts:-)

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