Britney Spears is Pop Culture


Once upon a time, you wish you had blonde hair. You wished you can dance and sing. You wished you’ll look good in ponytail. You wished you’ll look nice pretty and sweet like those normal blonde dolls. Well, like every other girls eight or seven years ago, you wished you were BRITNEY SPEARS.

Pop culture.  That’s how I define Britney Spears.  Pop culture is Britney Spears because little girls already created a community, a fan club, well, CULTURE. While others see pop culture as a form of corruption, other people are quite happy about it. Just imagine the rise of consumerism the time the not-so-sweet- anymore Britney Spears hit the market. The thing is, I am trapped in Britney and pop culture. High culture is out of the picture. They can entertain me for a few minutes and bore me for the rest of my life.

Well, Britney Spears just defined what pop culture is.


Britney Spears will be performing in Las Vegas this December 2013



  1. petiks

    parang bochog ni britney jan a :p
    well, yeah naging fan din ako nyan ni britney spears.
    maski ngayon, ung ibng knta nya sakto sa tenga ko hehehe.

    hit me baby one more time! haha! :p

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  3. freebreakfast

    Thankfully, she is no longer the pop icon she once was. I agree though, that pop culture should be embraced, rather than scorned. Every generation has their pop culture icons, and I don’t think it’s something that we should look back regretfully when we are older.

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